St. Wilfrid’s
—  Parish church of Preston  —
Preston Church
St. Wilfrid’s church
Denomination URACE
Dedicated to St. Wilfrid
Town Preston
County Kingdom of England
Country County Palatine of Lancaster
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Chester
Priest (unknown)


St. Wilfrid's is the parish church of Preston. Its denomination is the Universal Roman Aristotelian Church of England (URACE). The Parish of Preston is under the administration of the Diocese of Chester (Province of Canterbury), which is managed by Bishop Dainsleif. Currently there is no parish priest in Preston but the town is served by a local deacon, Thedukeofholmby. The church of St. Wilfrid's is located at the junction with Church Street and Main Street.


Cyrianna 1456

St. WilfridEdit

St. Wilfrid is the patron saint of Preston, County Palatine of Lancaster, England. Born around 634 AD, Wilfred set out from a young age in the ways of the URACE. He travelled to Rome many times, and in 658 AD he was granted a monestry in Ripon. This monestry was bestowed with land, much of which is present day Preston.

The church itself was built around 705 AD and so began the true roots of the town. A priory was also built at the River Ribble's lowest ford. It was this that gave the town its name of "Priests Town". Wilfred's paschal lamb also appears on the town arms.

St. Wilfrid's Parish RegisterEdit

Details of all the names of those involved in church services at St. Wilfrid's.


Name Date of Baptism Jah Parent Priest
Grizelda 7th July 1456 Sonnie 420isgood
Thedukeofholmby 7th July 1456 Ericcedricson 420isgood
Worf2 3rd December 1456 Shriekersmom Thedukeofholmby


Groom & Bride's Name Date of Engagement Date of Wedding Priest
Thedukeofholmby & Ledge 9th June 1456 12th July 1456 420isgood


Deceased person Date of Funeral Priest
Daximus 13th July 1456 (unknown)
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