Squire_Merks has been mayor of penrith for four terms to date, Married to Meria they have a son Henry, Meria recently passed away (in game) so Squire Merks now takes good care of his son.

Merks has had an extensive history in Penrith starting out as a merchant deliving much need to supplies to Appleby, Keswick and Edgremont, after becoming trade minister for Lady Richgrams he had traveled through Scotland to to help sell many goods to help regain some of the much needed cash for the town.

Squire Merks eventually became head of Casa de Marius where he currently holds the title of Lord and also was nominated as Baron of Bew Castle, an estate to the north east of Carlisle.

Later served as platoon leader with three other Armies in Calisle to the north of Penrith, defending the county of Cumberland and the County of England against rouge Scotish armies and spies.

The positions of County Trade Minister and County Captain have been afforded to him although his preference is to hold the position of Mayor.

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