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Coat of arms
Motto: "Vicis Officium Defero," Opportunity Responsibility Community
Country Kingdom of England
County Devon
Resource Fishing
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Portsmouth
Established (unknown)
 - Mayor Addison_pasiphae
 - Mentor Diayania
 - Harbour Master Mendota
Population (13 December 1459)
 - Port Town 152 people

Southampton is a town in the County of Devon, Kingdom of England.

Location Edit

Southampton lies on the coast in the south of Devon, with a road leading northeast to the node of Winchester, northwest to Salisbury, and southwest to the node of Dorchester. It is also the Crown Docks for the Kingdom of England, as it is the home of the Lord High Admiral of the Royal English Navy.

Resources Edit

Southampton has access to the following mine:

Iron Mine - Capacity 70 - Wages £16.00

Gold Mine - Capacity 40 - Wages £16.00

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