—  Capital  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Kingdom of Serbia
County Kingdom of Serbia (Capital)
Resource Lake
Province Province of Srbija
Diocese Diocese of Serbian Cutocephalius Church (SAC)
Founded 27.05.1457.
 - Mayor Sekac
 - Mentor
Population (27.09.1459)
 - Capital 345
Smederevo (serb.Смедерево) is first serbian town.Smederevo have lake,and gold mine (50 places).

== History of the town ==

Town was opened 27.may 1456.year. At begining it had about 50 people.Biggest part of that number come from Croatia,and a few people was from Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Ireland.First tavern in the town was city tavern Смедеревска паланка (now called Липов лад) .In own history,Smederevo has many mayors: Beret, Rzarectah, Sefic,High_er_junior, Vukasin,Vojvoda, Elizabeta_1, Dule_car, Crveni_orao , Makavelins , Masterpera , Dobroslav, Dark_magician, Dzontra ,Marktop and Proka.The longest mayors was Vojvoda and Vukasin (about 5 months).In own history,Smederevo has a lot of problems which are sucesfull resolved with help of count and council . After implementing ports in Smederevo was built lvl 2 port (finished 9th December 1457.) and after that and lvl3 port is finished 06th May 1458.

== Smederevo today ==

Today,Smederevo is center of trade and travel in this part of Europe . There is every day around 35-70 travelers and traders . Town have about 300 residents .The biggest part of that number is fishing on the lake.We have:72 level 0 people,93 level 1 people,77 level 2 people, 45 level 3 people and lvl 4 ppl are Rzarectah, Ixandar ,Vukasin, Masterpera and Jeso032 .Currently mayor is Sekac,and priest is Vojvoda. There is also lvl 3 port where you can buy Barge, Failed Hulk and also big merchant Cog .

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