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Coat of arms
Motto: '
Country Principat de Valahia
County Principat de Valahia
Resource Orchard
Province Province of
Diocese Diocese of Slatina
Established 5 October 1455
 - Mayor Nebunul1980
 - Mentor Myraluz
Population (18 April 1460)
 - Town 178
Slatina was established on 5 Octomber 1455 and it was the second town of Kingdom of Valahia after Rosiorii de Vede. All who want to come to Valahia by boat, they must come to Slatina because this is the only port that can be found within the territory of Valahia.

Location Edit

Slatina is the second town after Rosiorii de Vede from the Kingdom of Valahia border with Kingdom of Bulgaria. Slatina can be reached both by land and water, Slatina having opening at the Olt river whi flows in the Danube.

Resources Edit

Slatina is one of the two orchard towns in Valahia. It shares a gold mine to the south with Rosiorii de Vede and an iron mine to the north with Pitesti .



  • Church of Slatina: Adyady is the parish priest.
  • Port of Slatina: Level 3 port whose harbourmaster is Angel_la .


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