SixthDoctor was a resident of County Laighean; he was a level two citizen who once lived in An tInbhear Mór, and lived in Cill Chainnigh before that. Formerly a corn farmer and a carpenter, he was born in MarlboroughEngland, and had been to Greece as well. He was part of the family Melodos, a Greek family headed by Prince Saamnn of Hellas. He came to An tInbhear Mór in November to help build the port. Sometime later, he became a permanent resident of ATM. As of January 15, he is a supporter of Sajanzv (famed economist and politician) for his progressive and enlightened stance on the current situation of County Laighean's debt, trade, and politics.

One of his key issues in politics and in the world is lowering the prices of basic foods like corn and bread due to the number of newbies and level three students who rely on cheap foods.

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