Sirlarkin aka LarkinEdit

Sirlarkin was born on January 11, 1456. He quickly grew a passion for politics and founded The Capitalist League but after some deliberation changed the name to The Liberal Party and adopted new policies. The Liberal Party later disbanded when Sirlarkin moved to Ireland from England.

Castro continued his political activities in Ireland and ran third on the People's Union of Ireland list but was ot elected. Castro now has stated his intent to run as Lismore Mayor next term. He had for many months became a brigand of the road in defiance of the established order until he realised that there was more to be had in building than destroying. He remains an active politician.

In recent times he has led the Wisdom and Whiskey Party to an electoral victory claiming 6 out of the 12 seats on a three list race, defeatin incumbent Bella. However he was a numpty and forgot to vote for Duchess. Michelle luckily was elected anyway.

Jeremy Irons
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