Sir Julien Delval, also known as Icey Grave, is the former Rookie Master of the Wolves of Sherwood currently resident in Beeston, Chester. He is the also the former Judge of current Chester Council but left when he grew disillusioned with the amount of foot dragging and paper-fowling that the governers decided was necessary. Tall, scarred, with long white hair his three main hobbies are religion, falling off his horse Anthem, and women. He tries to indulge all of them as much as possible - although not always at the same time.

Icey Grave was the very proud suitor of Mackenzie Gael Fraser, former Mayoress of Beeston. Although they fell out on occasion they were very dedicated to each other. When Mac disappeared on a trip to Scotland Grave waited and then presumed her dead. He waits no longer and is now seeking a new purpose in the world.

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