Sins are seven counters of the Seven Deadly Sins that each character must content with. The seven are pride, greed, gluttony, envy, lust, anger, and acedia. The counters for these sins increase automatically and each have their own individual counters that go from 0% to 100%. If any of these counters reaches 100%, they will apply some penalty as well as some boon to the character.

Sins, faith and melancholies are now frozen at sea.

There are two ways to decrease these counters: confession and purchasing an indulgence.

Please be mindful of the following:

  • do not take more than 2 confessional booths (times) per day. Be considerate of other sinners in town.
  • please pay something to a priest - listening to a confession is their day activity (they can't take another job that day).
  • Money from the indulgence purchase disappear in the pits of Hell (i.e. goes somewhere IG, local Parish doesn't see it), if possible avoid buying these. Help your local clergy instead.

Sins: how to become a sinner

It is normal for a sin to increase from one to three points every day. When they increase, the sins are lowering the faith.

Each sin has its own rules and its own rhythm: 

  • Some In-Game actions are seen as VIRTUOUS and will either prevent a sin from rising or decrease its rate for the following days. 
  • Some In-Game actions are seen as SINFUL and will increase the rate of a sin for the next few days.
  • Case of passive sinners: in some cases, the game will consider that your character is a sinner if you are subjected to some In-Game actions by other characters (very few cases) or because of an In-Game score in some areas. 

Sins: penalties and boons

A character current standing in regards to their sinfulness can be checked by clicking on the "Managing Faith and Sins" link on the character sheet.

It has been reported that there is no ill effect until the sins reach 100%, however in order to confess Acedia all other sins must be below 20%.

Sin Trigger Increase rate/ SP (Sinful Points) Melancholy (100% bar) Actions
I Gluttony 2 sinful active actions
  • +1 SP/day if the character wasn't a glutton for 3 days or more. 
  • +3-5 SP/day if the character was a glutton less than 3 days ago. 
  • Hunger points decreased but no effect on stat points. E.g. meat will give 1 HP but 2 Strength points
Sinful: eating stat food

Virtuous: eating in a tavern

II Greed 4 virtuous active actions
  • +1 SP/day if the character did perform one of the 4 virtuous actions less than 15 days ago. 
  • +3-5 SP/day if no virtuous action has been performed for the last 15 days.
  • Transferring money or goods to your personal inventory is tiresome but you save money daily.
  • the penalty for having Greed to 100 will be that you can only buy on the market items by batches of 10 items
  • At 100% you receive a daily %Number of pence
Sinful: too many items on your person or above 500 pounds
III Anger 7 sinful passive actions and 1 sinful active action 
  • +1 SP/day if the character has not been angry for 14 days or more. 
  • +3-5 SP/day if there was an angry action in less than 14 days. 
  • Unable to focus at the University but less indirect taxes at the Market
Sinful: wearing a weapon/using axe to cut trees
IV Acedia 1 active virtuous action
  • +0 SP/day if the virtuous action has been performed in less than 7 days. 
  • +1-3 SP/day if no virtuous action in 7 days or more. 
  • The only of the seven sins to not have a bonus associated with it.
  • Cannot purchase indulgences, thus only confession can be used to lower sin amounts.
  • Can only confess one sin per confession slot instead of the normal two.
  • Acedia can only be confessed, thus its sin counter can be lowered, only after all other sins have been confessed.
  • You don't receive Faith points when attending the mass
Virtuous: attending a mass
V Envy 3 active sinful actions
  • + 1 SP/day if the character has not performed an envious action for 3 days or more. 
  • +3-5 SP/day if an envious action has been performed less than 3 days ago.
  • You won't be happy and smooth but have an overload bonus.
VI Pride 2 sinful passive actions, 1 sinful active action + any action allowing to earn Luxury Points
  • + 1 SP/day if the character has not been prideful for 5 days or more. 
  • +3-5 SP/day if a prideful action has been performed less than 5 days ago. 
  • Being a candidate to an election cost more but you are more afluent.
Sinful: being part of a Clan and hiring workers
VII Lust 1 passive or active sinful action
  • + 1 SP/day if the character has not been lustful for 7 days or more. 
  • +7 SP/day if there was a lustful action performed or suffered less than 7 days ago
  • Loss of Trust Points but less resistant to alcohol.
Sinful: looking at a player's profile of opposite sex, sitting in a tavern with members of opposite sex, checking who is in Town if you are a Lord
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