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Shirinova Markov arrived on the 5th of June, 1456 in the town of Sevenoaks. She has moved to Hastings when Sevenoaks burnt down. She is the head of House Markov, a noble house of the Kingdom of England.

Political life[]

Throughout her political career she held different positions in Sussex, Hastings and Sevenoaks.

Personal Coat of Arms

~ Admiral of the Sussex Navy

~ Councilor in the Sussex County Council - different seats

~ Mayor of Hastings

~ Mayor of Sevenoaks

~ Mentor of Hastings

~ Mentor of Sevenoaks

~ Harbormaster of Hastings

She is currently a councilor in the Hastings Town Council.


She is a friendly and open-minded person, ambitious and pragmatic.

She is the owner of the most popular tavern in Hastings - The Last Resort Tavern and Takeaway Bar.