Sheep are a type of field, specifically a ranch. Up to four sheep are available for each ranch. Each sheep costs 35 pounds to purchase from the sheriff.

When nourished every day, sheep will maintain weight or improve it (an average of once every three days).

Sheep ranchers are encouraged to join The Sheep's Owners and Weavers Guild (SOW).

The following are the available weights:

dying, bony, lean, normal, fleshy, plump, fat, obese, American-style. (They rarely get beyond normal by the way)

Every three days (or every day, or any day...) sheep can be sheared for wool. Every single day a sheep gains 0.5 of wool on their pelt. They can be slaughtered for hides at any point in their life, preferably near the end. You can not slaughter or shear sheep without a knife in your home.

Remember that if this is a second field, your yields will be lower (approximately 3/4 of a full yield).

It is recomended that you hire one with decent intellegence, to get a reasonable amount of wool

Proposed sheep cycles Edit

Proposed sheep cycle one

Day 0: buy all sheep

Day 3: shear (get 6 balls of wool)

Day 6: shear (get 6 balls of wool)

Day 9: shear (get 6 balls of wool)

Day 11: slaughter one sheep

Day 12: shear (get 3-4 balls of wool)

Day 13: slaughter a surviving sheep (if there are any left. (an average of 3 hides))

(Sheep start dying on day 8 on average, so with this cycle, you may not get many hides)

Proposed sheep cycle two

Day 0: buy two sheep

Day 1: buy two more sheep

Day 2: shear (get 3 balls of wool)

Day 3: just feed

Day 4: just feed

Day 5: shear (get 6 balls of wool)

Day 6: just feed

Day 7: just feed

Day 8: shear (get 6 balls of wool)

Day 9: slaughter one sheep (get 1-3 hides)

Day 10: slaughter a sheep (get 1-3 hides)

Day 11: shear (get 4 balls of wool)

Day 12: slaughter any surviving sheep (if there are any left)

Average Yields (1st fields) Edit


Cycle Wool Wool/day
4-7 13.19 1.22
4-8 14.26 1.23
4-8-11 16.9 1.3
4-8-12 16.7 1.25
4-7-10 16.7 1.34
4-7-10-13 17.87 1.3
4-8-11-14 17.68 1.26
4-8-11-13 17.63 1.28
4-7-10-12 17.88 1.34
3-6-9 15.97 1.34
3-6-9-12 17.77 1.33

Yields for a sheep ranch where all the sheep are bought on day zero and slaughter on consecutive days.


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