Sergitov Balintyne is an influential politician and nobleman in the Kingdom of England from Devon County, with particular history in public affairs. He is a member of the Balintyne family, related to the Lord Mayor of Barnstaple, the Cardinal Darien Balintyne.

Much like his relative Darien, Sergitov is a figurehead of Barnstaple, being an active and helpful neighbor and resident, as well as being a major debater and thinker in the Kingdom of England's public affairs and foriegn policy. This has made Sergitov both outspoken and provocative, while maintaining many friends and a powerful following ideologically.

Sergitov has a long track record, but includes important and longstanding roles in public service including the Devon Guard, Devon Navy, and Devon Embassy making him a major part of the military and diplomatic endevors of Barnstaple, Devon County, and all the Kingdom of England.

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