Sephie as known as Sephie is Leahandra's sister and one of the chief members of the Irvine clan.

Sephie used to live in Ireland in harmony with (but in love with) Rosa Kennedy (and only Rosa!), Killergod, Ozhawk, Charlotte_de_berry, Qtchi, Fordo, Hemzo, Kearo (the baldie we all love), Conkord and amongst other people, her hand in marriage was even asked by Killergod (her kiddo) but she denied destroying poor wifey heart. She even denied to be his faithful lover.

Sephie is a very passionate person (she trully loves her kiddo Killergod she doesnt know it yet) and a true friend. She was recently asked in marriage by an opposite sex (yes it is true she is still married to Charlotte thou)

She had a crush on Draco aka the law. Noticing this crush, Draco prosecuted Sephie for a meeting at the courts, and thus this was they very own date (sephie was considered innocent and free from all charges)

Sephie after that flew to Scotland and is living now there happilly with argurios (her future hubby) and Killergod is still heartbroken.

Sephie is also a famous bannermaker in the RK lands. They are all pretty awesome (especially Rosa's!)

The Rosa Saga Edit

Perhaps the most important of all Sephie's lovers, (so important, she gets her own section) is Rosa. Rosa and Sephie were made to be. Ever since holding hands and running into the sunset to escape various different propositions (mainly having to vote either marrying Killer, Smudge or Hem, and let's face it, neither are optimum choices) they are deeply in <3 with each other. Even at Rosa's own wedding to her Wifey, she held tightly onto Sephie's hand and saved her from the smouldering ambers of a burning church. As a sign of Rosa's deep devotion, Rosa even left her own Wifey burning away happily in his dress at the church.

I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa! I <3 Rosa!

(more than kiddo!)

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