Seals are similar to coats of arms in that they contain heraldic symbology but have no arm, or shield. They are reserved for purposes not deemed in need of a coat of arms - as in villages of minor population, individuals that have not yet proven to be of worthy esteem, and other such things.

Seals are only given to nobles, important members of the community (Mayors and Council Members) and members of the URACE clergy. Also, Counties can receive their own seal. Families cannot receive seals.

The College of Heraldry is responsible for maintaining seals through the kingdoms and post them in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums.

Rules For UseEdit

  • Red seals are for private letters.
  • Yellow seals are for administrative papers, so basically anything not private.
  • Green seals are for papers whose temporal weight is greater than the life of the person who signed it. Examples being Treaties and wedding certificates.

Extra DetailsEdit

  • Circular seals are given to males.
  • Oval seals are given to females and members of the clergy.
  • A character must have a Coat of Arms before aquiring a seal.
  • The character's station (rank, positions of authority, etc.) in Renaissance Kingdoms is written around the edge of the seal, and sometimes includes a personal motto.

Link to Existing SealsEdit

Complete Registry of Seals

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