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Skills and prerequisitesEdit

Basic Seafaring  No prerequisites 

Astronomy  No prerequisites 

Advanced Seafaring  Prerequisites: Basic Seafaring for > 10%, Astronomy for > 50% 

Expert Seafaring  Prerequisites: Basic Seafaring for > 0%, Advanced Seafaring for >10%, Basic Naval Engineering for > 60% 

Basic Naval Engineering  Prerequisites: Basic Seafaring for >30% 

Advanced Naval Engineering  Prerequisities:Basic Seafaring for >0%, Advanced Seafaring for > 10%, Basic naval engineering for > 80% 

Basic Naval Combat  Prerequisites:Basic Seafaring for >40%, Basic Knowledge of the Military for >60% 

Advanced Naval Combat  Prerequisites:Basic naval combat > 0%, Basic Tactics for > 80% 

What the skills do

Basic Seafaring:  - Increased movement probability  - Reduced probability of getting lost  - Increased visibility of the map and winds 

Astronomy:  - Reduced probability of getting lost  - Further increased visibility of map and winds 

Advanced Seafaring:  - Increased movement probability  - Increased chance of receiving bonus  - Reduced probability of getting lost 

Expert Searing:  - Significantly increased visibility of map and winds  - Significantly reduced chance of getting lost 

Basic Naval Engineering:  - Reduced probability of getting damaged  - Gives visibility on the exact condition of the boat 

Advanced Naval Engineering:  - Chance of completely avoiding a blow(combat or wind) (before damage) 

Basic Naval Combat:  - Combat factor increases by 1 

Advanced Naval Combat:  - Reduced chance of being caught by a blow (combat only)

Note: All Naval skills can be learnt at level 2.

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