Scotland - December 19, 2007

Quote: Entente of Goodwill and Mutual Defense

Let it be known by this document that the Kingdom of England hereby declares a bond of friendship and mutual respect with the Kingdom of Scotland. By the signature of this treaty, the Lords shall respect all the articles below and shall maintain their good relationship.

I. Cultural Harmony

1. Language Each country party to this treaty will provide a competent ambassador, enjoying the trust of the appointed leadership so that s/he can be certain that all exchanges will be kept strictly confidential.

2. The People The appointed leadership of the signed parties hereby vow to promote exchanges of culture.

II. Political Harmony

1. Embassies Access to the embassy will be restricted to the appointed leadership currently in place, as well as appropriate members of their ambassadorial staff. Ambassadors will have the power to translate messages in a direct fashion.

2. Dialogue - Talks At least once every three weeks, the appointed leadership and/or their representatives will meet inside the embassy in order to discuss their policies, that of their neighbors and any subject placed on the meeting’s agenda by any one of them.

III. Military

1. Engagement In case of an offensive war started by one of the signatories and deemed justified by the other signatory, the signatory may give material support primarily, and secondarily its support in terms of men. If the signatory doesn't deem the offensive war as being justified, then no support is owed.

2. Defense In case of defensive war, the signatories will have to give their support in terms of men and material so that a common military victory can be achieved.

IV. Equitable Sovereignty This treaty supersedes any existing or future defense or alliance treaties with any counties within the Kingdom of England.

It is agreed that the present treaty binds the countries signing it, without any validity limit. With exception that at the end of each election, the new appointed leadership can, within a period not to exceed 10 days, choose to end the alliance with no repercussions. If the treaty is not contested within the period of 10 days following the installation of a new government, the treaty is to be held intact and valid until such time as a new election is held.

For Scotland Hypno, Duke of Galloway, chief of Macgillivray clan.

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