The Science Way is a way, available to level 3 players and helps you learn about Science. If you do this, you may become an enemy to the church so they may hunt your character down.


Science Way Guide 1

A basic guide for the beginning science way studentEdit

- When acquiring lvl 3 you have the following skills:

Latin : 10% Greek : 4% Modern Language: 10%

Biology : 20 % Anatomy : 20 % Medicine : 0 %

and you also have two out of the three following skills:

Diagnose afflict: 0 % Diagnose dysentry : 0 % Diagnose Afflict: 0%

- Anatomy: to be continued once science way is totaly implemented. - Biology : idem - Medicine: idem - Advanced Medicine: idem

- Diagnose afflict : idem - Diagnose bronchitis: idem - Diagnose dysentry : idem Diagnose flu: Diagnose plague : Diagnose tetanus:

Pre-requisites: Biology & Anatomy are the prerequisites to medicine. You need 90% in anatomy and 80% in biology to start learning medicine.

Medicine is a pre requisite for learning the diseases. You can't learn anything about the diseases until you acquire medicine.

Acquiring Knowledge You can either learn alone or follow a teacher's lesson. - Learning alone : You gain from 1 to 3% by day (2% to 6% if you are a Lord !!) - With a teacher : You gain 4% to 6% (8 to 12% if you are a Lord) As you see, being a Lord really helps you to learn quicker.

LANGUAGES One can teach languages (Latin, greek or English) even if one has not 100% in this language. The bigger the difference is between your language skill and the teacher's skill, the more % you will learn.

Work in your skill field : You have a small chance to discover a knowledge based on your Way

Look for new ideas : You have an even smaller chance to discover a knowledge from another Way (Medicine, Religion).

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