Scarlet Octavius
—  Ceatharlach resident  —
Scarlet Octavius
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Je t'aime mon amour
Full title Lady Scarlet Octavius
Place of Residence (unknown), Ceatharlach, Laighean
Affiliations Hill of Tara,

Signature Creations,

Octavius House, AAP
In-game name Scarletwitch36
Account created May 15, 2007
Forum name Scarletwitch36

Scarletwitch36 is Mayor and Mentor of Ceatharlach.

Scarletwitch36 was born in Bristol devoid of family connections until her mentor the Priest Jellysnails directed her to where she would find the answers. Hopeful Scarlet searched and found her family Octavius House. Happy with her new family and with a new found love Dralon Hanley. Scarlet set off on a new adventure to be closer to her kin she set off to Drummore in Scotland.
After a time in Scotland Dralon and Scarlet decided to travel to Ireland and wed. Sadly it was a perilous journey and they were seperated by the sea. Binky their scottish terrier is no more and what of Scarlet's beloved Dralon, did the sea claim his life or is he living somewhere else searching for her ?


Level & Occupation Edit

Level 3 Miller with a vegetable and a wheat field. Owner of "The Pride of Ceatharlach".

Guilds and Associations Edit

The Hill of Tara, The English College of Heraldry (COH), The Lyons Court : Armorial Bearings
Signature Creations : A guild for artist
AAP: News from the Kingdom
Ladies of the Lake: A place for women of the realm to meet and exchange ideas.
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