Saamnn is the current (second) King of Eire.Saamnn is former Mayor of Marlborough, Wiltshire (5 consecutive terms) . Former Mayor of Kilkis, Hellas (2 consecutive terms). Former Count of Hellas County (2 consecutive terms). Former Count of Laighean County (3 times). Saamnn is a level 4, playing RK for almost 6 years.

Saamnn is the patriarch of Melodos Family and the founder of two political parties. The Brotherhood back in Wiltshire, together with Dani_ddd and Luke_j, which has been represented in England and Ireland so far. A bit less than a year after Saamnn founded the Brotherhood, he left it and founded the Peacemakers, which has been represented in Hellas, Turkey, England and Ireland so far.

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