—  Bristol resident  —
Ruth coa
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Reality is an illusion caused by lack of alcohol
Full title Lady ruthcyrus
Place of Residence (unknown), Bristol, County of Devon
Affiliations none
In-game name Ruthcyrus
Account created 3rd January 1457
Forum name Ruthcyrus


Ruth Balintyne vaguely remembers her parents all she remember is her 5 year old brother running off.

After that a group of bandits came while i was out in the woods for a walk i came back to my house and found both my parents dead

i decided to run off away from the house during my travels i found a stray dog on the road i decided to take her with me as i needed a travel companion after 3 weeks on the road we came to the town of hollywell here i learnt to fish and i got my 1st field.

After getting my 1st field i then heard that my younger brother had been seen south so i sold my field and decided to travel south .

After traveling south for several weeks i wound up in reading i went into the black stump and met a load of interesting people so i decided to move to reading, I bought a vegetable field in reading and started to rebuild my life.

Shortly afterwards i became the reading town Marshall for 6 weeks after the 6 weeks i decided to run for mayor and was successful i re run and got elected again

On the 8th of November 1456 i found out my 5 year old brother was an adopted son in the Balintyne Family so i was adopted into the Balintyne Family on the 8th of November 1456

03 December 1456 appointed Knights Herald of the Wiltshire army then in march 1457 Ruth decided after the divorce of Badieh she decided to pack up and leave Wiltshire and move to bath somerset where she became mayor for 2 terms

Current and Previous PositionsEdit

  • Current Mentor of Bristol
  • Current Member of REA
  • Former NEA Chief Logistics Officer
  • Former 2 Term Reading Mayor
  • Former Reading Marshall
  • Former 2 term Bath Mayor
  • Former Wiltshire Army Knights Herald
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