Ruaidhri was a shortly-active resident of Glasgow City, in Glasgow County of the Kingdom of Scotland during the Montemayor invasion of Glasgow against the *HIPS* Party.

Ruaidhri became outspoken for adovcating the restoration of a strong King of Scots in a town ruled by sympathizers of the anarchist, sectionalist Fury faction known as *HIPS* Party under Benfeniks.

Despite his adovocacy for national unity being strong, many of his countrymen were caught up in a struggle against the Montemayors. He tried being neutral but as this was the apex of a year-long conflict, it left him in a provocative place publically and politically.

Communicated with the County of Galloway and County of Glasgow's citizens as well as Montemayor soldiers, officials, and merchant-vagrants. This developed his wider viewpoint. Although a proud Scot by heritage and bloodline, he was at distance with the neo-Fury culture of his native Glasgow City. The Fury had in the past ran Glasgow City as a political machine and racket resisting the King of Scots' authority and fighting English culture as a NNGO satellite.

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