The Royal Knights Army, or RKA, is a large army in service to the Kingdom of England and King Hezlog as an effective mobilized military force in the County of Westmorland guarding the Northern Border to the Kingdom of Scotland.

The Royal Knights Army was a pre-emptively organized military force to defend the Northern Border, as the declaration of war on NNGO and Celtic Alliance was only recent, leading to the current reorganization of a new national royal army. Since this is only recent, the Royal Knights Army was formed far earlier to promote a closed border to avoid spill-over of the Scottish Civil War between neo-Fury *HIPS* Party Scots and Galloway Scots against the Montemayor invaders once sponsored by the former King of Scots Rothar.

The Royal Knights Army has successfully battled and skirmished on the Northern Border and has stopped multiple Scots from entering Westmorland from Galloway, especially recently during the Montemayor battles and incursion from Glasgow in the region. A premier general in the RKA is Roby123, a staunch English nationalist and militarist.

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