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Roy Garlock
—  Egremont resident  —
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Roy Garlock
Coat of arms
Personal motto: It's not the pace of life that concerns me, it's the sudden stop at the end.
Full title Lord Roy Garlock
Place of Residence (unknown), Egremont, Westmorland
Affiliations Hanley Family
In-game name Roy_Garlock
Account created March 22, 2008
Forum name Roy_Garlock

Lord Roy Garlock has lived in Galloway, Ayr and Westmorland. He is currently a level three weaver in the church way. He is a handsome young man with dirty blond hair and grey-blue eyes. He is married to Eira Garlock.


Roy was born to the Garlock family on the 22nd of March, in 1428 in the town of Drummore, Scotland. Not much else is known about his youth. For many years he lived in Drummore. He was active in his community, serving as Count (Duke) of Galloway, mayor of Drummore nine times, Largs twice, along with multiple other stations on councils. When the King of Scotland Bare Rose disappeared Elois claimed the throne. Roy disagreed and was chastised for it. He among many others now live in England, where they feel freer to express themselves.

Former Pro Tem Priest of Penrith. Former Councilor.

Family and Affiliations[]

Roy has been married once and divorced to Neasa. Both natives of Galloway they enjoyed traveling together. They didn't always agree on politics. She now lives in lower England. He married Lilith, and then Eira.

In the past he had also dated Xenina Ramsay. They were serious, but never officially engaged. They met in Drummore and were together since appearing in Drummore in March 1456. She even opened a tavern under his name: The Good Luck Garlock. Xenina often came to visit him in Drummore. Once tempted to run off to Dumfries or Whithorn with his love, he nobly stayed in Drummore to help the town during hard times.

He was a founder of the Clan Sharpe along with Serendipity Sharpe, Andrew Patrick (now Andreas_Sharpe) and Remmi Sharpe. However, he is now in the Hanley family.

Political Career[]

Roy has had a very long and interesting political career. Some offices include:

Mayor of Drummore x 9  Mayor of Largs x 2  Captain of Galloway County x 3  Public Prosecutor of Galloway County x 1  Duke of Galloway County x 1 

Roy is a Lord, supporting his town and county. He is very active in the community. 

Roy is most known for his term as Field Marshall of the Royal Scottish Army. The RSA had trouble since it's inception and Roy was strict regarding some soldiers and their deriliction of duty. Roy's court martial was quite an interest to many Scots. It caused a major controversy in Scotland. Incidentally the FM that followed him had a very short office term. He had many of the same issues with insubordination. Not long after Roy's removal, the RSA was disbanded and the NA was dissolved. This led to major changes in Scotland's politics between counties.

Roy is always willing to fight for what he believes in. Many times he has raised armies to help defend is people. In Scotland he used the name: the Grey Army of Galloway Free Company.

Personal Notes[]

Roy enjoys exploring game mechanics and reading and writing laws. Curious and experimental in nature; Roy is always trying to find the most efficient and prosperous methods of farming and ranching.