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Rowan Ashenheart
—  Arundel, Sussex resident  —
Rowan Ashenheart
Rowan coa.png
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Yr wyf yn hwylio; Felly, yr wyf ("I sail, therefore I am")
Full title Rowan Ashenheart
Place of Residence 2 Riverside Drive, Arundel, Sussex, Sussex
Affiliations Royal English Navy, College of Heraldry, Knights of the Helm
In-game name Rowan_ashenheart
Account created November 06,2007
Forum name Rowan_ashenheart


Rowan Ashenheart is of Scottish descent. He awoke in Hereford, Worcestershire, England, where he is a former Mayor. He was also Constable of Worcester Council. He moved to Birmingham, Staffordshire briefly. His memory of his past was lost to him until a series of dreams and bizarre events began the process of recovering his memory. The result was a geas or quest to avenge the massacre of his parents and his clan chieftain by a rival clan. He was aided by his now former lover, Desideratist de Balboa, and his heart-sister, Yukishiro Rose Vermulen. Upon completion of his geas, it was originally decided that he and Desideratist would work together on their respective sides of the Scottish-English border to improve relations.

What he had not counted on was falling in love with another woman. After settling in Galloway county, capital of Dumfries, he set to work helping his clan and new hometown grow and thrive. After getting to know the townsfolk better and then a devastating revolt, he realized his feelings for the mayor of Dumfries at the time, Bethan McClintock. At first, desperately confused, he contemplated leaving the town to allow him to focus on helping his country. Finally, they had the talk they needed to realize that the feelings that he had for her were mutual. A romance began and on 18 December, 1457, they were wed at a sacred spring in the woods nearby Dumfries with only the gods as witnesses.

He has served his Town Council as Captain of the Guard and the county as a Town Trader. He is the second distiller of whiskey in Dumfries. He was Duke of Galloway County, Scotland - Council XVII - May - July 1458. When he finds time, he is a hunter, a scout, a tracker and a fisherman.

Extraneous Information[]

  • 1457 - Voted Best Male Lead and Best Avatar in the Renaissance Revels for his RP, The Geas.
  • 1458 - Voted Male lead and Best Romance for his role in "Romancing the Lyon"
  • 1458 - Voted Supporting Male for his role in Scotland in Turmoil
  • 1458 - And for a second year was awarded the best Avatar!