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His Royal Highness Rothar (Rothar.i), King of Scots, was a late King of Scots, A sovereign of the Kingdom of Scotland, who will go down in history as being controversial and provocative.

His reign was from 19 August 1459 to 15 March 1460.

Rothars Crypt laid on Largs Node where the town of Largs (port town) was located Ayr County which between Galloway and Glasgow. Ayr county was made up of Girvan (now Galloway), Ayr capital, Largs and Muirkirk.


King Rothar advocated reform in Scotland and it's growth as a power independent of England but with a similar central government. The Fury political machine and criminal racket resisted in Glasgow City, constantly declaring independence from ducal and royal authority. This put them at odds with Rothar.

Soon thereafter an ex-Fury council member turned to piracy and sank a vessel from a visiting Genoese-Italian merchant fleet of the Montemayor family who had some French vessels as well. This sparked a demand from compensation but the *HIPS* Party, now in control after Fury's defeat but sympathetic to them, refused. This led to a Montemayor transformation into a powerful military-political force. King Rothar sided with the Montemayors and marched on Glasgow, leading to his opponents to label him the "Traitor King".

Rothar's reign would end without him fully achieving his goals. His term ended in what would become over a year-long Scottish Civil War where the Montemayors became rulers of County Glasgow and began to clash with County Galloway. Although succeeded by the absentee King William Kerr, King Rothar goes down in history as the monarch where this civil war ensued. His most outspoken political critic and opponent would be Benfeniks of the *HIPS* Party and Fury, an NNGO affiliate.

The Scottish Civil War currently culminated as the NNGO and Celtic Alliance instigated the Kingdom of England under King Hezlog to war. This may continue in an alliance between the Montemayors and National English Army.

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