Motto:: Constant and true
Crest blue

Family Crest

Badge: Wild rosemary, a harp, azure

Lands: Strathnairn, Ross-shire

Gaelic Name: Ros, Rois.

Origin of Name: From the flower of this name.

Plant Badge: Rose - Briar Rose

Brief HistoryEdit

The first, and founding generation of the Rose Clan was formed by Serdan from Scottish exiles living in Scotland prior to his majesty opening the lands for settlement. The Roses were the first clan formed within the Renaisance Kingdoms.

When his Majesty opened the lands of Scotland for settlement, the Roses returned to their ancestral lands and became one of the founding clans of Scotland. Unfortunately, much of the early history of the Roses has been lost, and only sparse records remain in the families ancestral lands of Kilravock.

The Rose Clan participated in the development of what was for a while the National Government of Scotland and helped shaped the constitution. Members of the Rose Clan had been elected into the majority of the main positions of the now defunct government including Steward, Speaker, Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. The Rose Clan has also been prominent in the sole remaining national institution-the Lyon's Court.

As well as holding, and participating, in national affairs the Rose Clan has also been prominent in County and town governance. Many current members of the Rose Clan have held every position in county government and have several current and past mayors amongst their ranks. In addition, the Roses have been prominent in the field of international diplomacy, as the current chancellor of Glasgow is a member of the Rose Clan and members of the clan are also ambassadors for Glasgow.

The Roses are mainly located in the county of Glasgow in Scotland, but several members of the clan live elsewhere in Scotland and even further afield. The Rose Clan also has ties to the Williams family in England, and through marriage has cordial relations with several clans in Scotland.

The Roses maintain their ancestral home of Kilravock and can often be found in the alehouses of the country of Scotland-some more than others.

The current Chief of the Roses is Sinthas Rose of Glasgow.

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