Ros Ó gCairbre
—  Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Remember the Past, prepare for the Future
Country Ireland
County An Mumhain
Resource Lake
Province Province of Cashel
Diocese Diocese of Ross
Colonised 24 April 1456
 - Mayor Lilymay
 - Mentor Sagar
Population (23 August 1457)
 - Town 237
Ros O'g Cairbre

A map of Ros O'g Cairbre and surrounding towns

Ros O'g Cairbre is an Irish town in County Munster. Ros O'g Cairbre is a lake town. Muin was Ros O'g Cairbre's first elected mayor, followed by Springtime and Lilymay.

Notable EventsEdit

The charging of Sirlarkin with treason over a joke about starting a revolt in Ros O'g Cairbre. He was originally charged with revolting against the town hall, but claims he was fishing that day. Several citizens stepped forward and attested that he had asked them in the taverns, to revolt with him. This was a highly questionable case and the judge B.imber has caught quite a lot of flack for his decision to charge Sirlarkin with something many say is a law that doesn't exist.

As events unfolded the evidence that Sirlarkin offered to prove he was fishing and could not have been a part of the revolt turned out to be a forgery. Between the controversial verdict and now the uncovering of perjury there is quite a good deal of political unrest in the An Mumhain.