Romanos first appeared in Evesham, a Byzantine diplomat who was stranded in England after the fall of Constantinople in 1453. He started a new life in Evesham until the possibility of a new Greek Duchy appeared, and then he moved to Greece.

Romanos was Duke of Greece for 3 consecutive terms, during which he was instrumental in setting up the new Duchy. After 12 consecutive terms in the Greek Council, Romanos resigned active politics and worked as a trader and a spy for Greece in the Balkans during the second Bulgarian - Turkish war. During his long stay in the Balkans, Romanos married Parslie and they had four children (Airy, Demosthenis, Pugarules, Awaken_angel).

Since familiarity leads to boredom, when the County of Cuige Chonnacht was founded, Romanos moved to Gort, along with his up to then estranged wife Parslie and son Airy.

Before long Romanos was active in Irish politics, heading the Irish Volunteers and serving 11 times in Chonnacht Council and twice as Duke. Romanos in Chonnacht was instrumental in acheiving that the enmities of the rest of Ireland did not spill into Chonnacht, in setting up the County on sound financial basis, in promoting the building of ports and the founding of the Chonnacht Navy.

In his final political action in Chonnacht, Romanos arranged for NNGO to settle in Gort, in order to facilitate the building of a Lv4 port and the establishment of Chonnacht as a declared and official Pirate Base.

Following this, Romanos set sail for Greece in his famed ship, the "Flying Calamari", in order to buy War Carracks for Chonnacht and NNGO. A mist surround his final days in Greece, since one day his corpse was found washed out on the shores of the Aegean.

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