His Excellency Bishop Richileau is a Aristotelian Church priest and politician in Barnstaple, the County of Devon, in the Kingdom of England.

Father Richileau is Baron of Dartmoor and Bishop of Portsmouth, thus being a powerful nobleman and clergyman in Devon County. He is associated with the NPA (No Political Agenda) and NEP (National English Party) political parties in Devon, being a some-time council member in Devon and being a political activist.

He is known to be an important and prominent Bishop, being the leader of his Diocese and close to his flock. He is known to be extremely learned and educated in his position, being historically, theologically, and rhetorically gifted which proves very helpful in his post.

Richileau can be seen travelling the Diocese of Portsmouth performing his priestly and bishop duties from parish to parish, including baptisms, ordinations, sermons, marriages and blessings. He is a collegue of the Lord Mayor of Barnstaple, Cardinal Darienbalintyne, another important clergyman and politician in Devon County being a Cardinal in the Aristotelian Church.

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