Reputation points are points in the game used to denote the importance of characters. They are divided into two categories, Standard Reputation Points and Trust Points.

Trust points are earned when someone goes to a profile and clicks the link to give trust. These are often reciprocated ("Trust trades"). A user may only give two trust points in a week, to separate people. The number of trust points receivable is limited by level: 3 for level 1, 15 for level 3, 30 for level 5, 60 for level 6.

Standard Reputation Points are earned by working in the church or hiring someone to work in your field. There is no limit to these except the 255 point maximum. There is also a one in three chance of earning a Reputation Point when you donate at the church.

To level up, a person must have a given total of reputation points (either standard or Trust). 5 to level from 2 to 3, 15 to level from 3 to 4, 35 to level from 4 to 5, 60 to level from 5 to 6.

Reputation points impact order in the list of the town's citizens, as well as certain RP (roleplay, not reputation points) titles.

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