Reno Richard Rodriguez
—  Canterbury Sussex  —
Reno Richard Rodriguez
Coat of arms
Personal motto: The closer you stand to the light, the greater your shadow becomes
Full title Sir Reno Richard Rodriguez, Lord of CanterOaks
Place of Residence (unknown), Canterbury, Sussex
Affiliations Rodriguez family
In-game name Reno
Account created Dec 2009
Forum name Reno

Reno Richard Rodriguez was a level 2 resident of Canterbury, Sussex, until the Merge moved the town to Lewes, Sussex. He moved to Canterbury on the 14th of February 1458. He now works as a Butcher, Trader, Politician and CEO. Reno currently serves as the Mayor of Lewes, the CEO and Co-founder of the ·Z· company and Cheif Editor of the SNN. Reno was baptized into the Aristotelian Church in Winchester, Wiltshire. Reno died by the hand of Jah for his evil ways in 1459.

OCC: Past life: Silversurfer


Previously known as Reno Richard Rooney, he grew up with his mother, Jacqueline Rooney in Winchester, Wiltshire. Reno was tracked down by Sig 'silver surfer' Rodriguez whilst Sig was on the council there. As sig had suspected and Jacqueline confirmed the fact that Sig and Reno were half brothers through their father. Reno then took the name Reno Richard Rodriguez. Reno - being very close to his mother - spent all of his wealth on moving the pair of them to a sea side town in order to make her later life more peaceful in a romantic and scenic setting. Fortunately Reno moved to Canterbury where he met much more of his family! Only to discover that Sig Rodriguez had died and that his father had been dead for some time, something Sig forgot to mention. Reno settled into the town slowly but surely.


Reno Rodriguez is both an evil and insane man; often going by the title "The Evil Mayor", Reno suffers from not being able to connect on emotional levels with the general public, furthermore, he experiences voices in his head that he believes to be his dead brother, Silversurfer and his second "evil" personality.

Reno famously guided the construction of Sussex's and Canterbury's first ship, The Rodriguez Riggins. From this, he was adopted by the Sussex Navy and entrusted with their treasury. While serving Canterbury as Mayor, for a short time his evil personality manifested as "Wise the Wizard" who overcame the laws of the universe! Infamously sending two mass mails on the trot (OOC: when the game forces you to wait 9 days) and placing corn from his personal inventory on the Canterbury Market at: £167772.15; which is the highest recorded sale price ever. This has been come refered to as The Golden Corn of Canterbury. Reno Rodriguez is currently CEO and Co-founder of The ·Z· Company, a trading and publications business; the company is currently working Lewes, as Reno is the Mayor of Lewes. The Company has recently taken over the SNN (Sussex News Network) and will be bringing it back into publication in August.

Public Figure CareerEdit

  • Mayor of Canterbury, 4 terms
  • Mayor of Lewes, 13 terms
  • Sussex Council, 2 terms
  • Previous Harbour Master of Canterbury
  • Previous Captain for the Sussex Navy
  • CEO of The ·Z· Company
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