—  Whithorn House of Renessaince  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Veritate et caritate
Full title
Place of Residence (unknown), Whithorn, Galloway
In-game name Renessaince
Account created 1457
Forum name Renessaince

Renessaince was born in Drummore, but he can't remember the day of his own birth.

Level 0 Edit

Work in the mine. It took some 10 days or so.

Level 1 Edit

Started to grow vegetables.

After some time additional field was bought as Drummore was lacking wool and hides. So now Renessaince farming sheeps as well.

Level 2 Edit

He became a miller.

First time he tried to visit other town, closest to Drummore — Wigtown. The hightime was when mayor of Drummore asked anyone who can transfer some goods from our market to Wigtown, and to bring others we don't have enough. So that was both cognitive and useful travel.

Soon after Drummore town was eliminated by the king (who himself was born in Drummore)... His former inhabitants where settled all over the county. Renessaince chosed to settle in Whithorn.

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