Pulkit is a citizen of the Town of Lichfield in Mercia County, England.


Pulkit was born on 22 November 1460 in the Town of Penrith, Westmoreland. He was the youngest in a family with four sons and three daughters. His father was a mighty military figure with many accomplishments to his name, one of them being the King's Army General. His mother was a renowned social worker, who was known for running an orphanage and an oldage home.


Just days after his eighteenth birthday, his father died of old age. His mother passed away within a week of this incident. This led to a feud between the four brothers regarding the division of assets. It was a very difficult time of his life. He decided to live on his own and not inherit anything from his parents. So, he gave away his share of land to the eldest brother and moved out from Penrith to Lichfield in the County of Mercia. The Town made him happy, with a lot of good people around him, he can look forward to fulfilling his dreams of serving his Nation.

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