The Public Servants is a Council List which dominated the politics of Sussex for several years.

The Public Servants are best known for their move to Separate from England, and renounce King LongJohnSilver. Led by Shawn_math, the Public Servants gathered a cabal of allies both inside and outside of Sussex in preparation of their plan to secure total power within Sussex. At the very end of Sussex Council XIX they voted within Council to Separate from England. On September 16, 1456, they announced to the people of Sussex that they had decided on their own to Separate from England and to declare that the highest authority within the land was the Count, rather than King LongJohnSilver.

For most of their history, the Public Servants were led by Shawn_math. Zerostar and Wench formed the other two parts of their triumvirate. Other important Public Servants include Zeathea, Selene, Viceroy, Amarilos, and Ekaterine.

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