Province of York
—  Province of the United Reformed Aristotelian Church  —
Coat of arms
Country Kingdom of England
Dioceses Carlisle and York
See York
Archbishop Prof.sloth

The Province of York is the United Reformed Aristotelian Church Province which includes the Dioceses of Carlisle and York. It is the smaller of the three Provinces in England, the other being the Province of Canterbury and Province of Southwark .

The Province of York covers the northern third of England, and also includes the Isle of Man.

List of the Archbishops of York:

  • Prof.sloth [February 1461 - present]
  • Latan [October 1459 - February 1461]
  • Josephus [ June 1458 - October 1459]

    Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese

  • Cyrianna [March 1457 - June 1458 ]
  • Latan [July 1455 - March 1457]
  • Dainsleif [unknown]

The towns of Kendal and Egremont are directly under the jurisdiction of the archdiocese, the former is where the cathedral is located.

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