The priest is responsible of the management of the church of the town.

One is named by the bishop of diocese to which the parish belongs for an indeterminate length of time.

To become priest one must without exception be:

  • Be present in the given town

Without these the bishop will not be able to proceed with the nomination.

The priest can excercise his office through the "My office of priest" button where it will be able: can

  • View the state of the funds of the church
  • To carry out the ritual ceremonies (the mass)
  • To nominate or revoke the confessors
  • To make purchases through the account of the church
  • Change the message of the priest
  • See who attended the last mass (Big brother) and who made donations to the church
  • To Resign

In addition, occupying the post of priest furnishes points of divine truth.

Attention, although the interface allows being named priest in several parishes, that remains forbidden.

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