Premium features are bonuses which can be purchased using Real world money. They are purchased from the pink button on the left side bar of the Game Interface.

Boost Stats Edit

Money Booster: +30 pounds

Increase Intelligence: +2 Intelligence points

Increase Charisma: +2 Charisma points

Increase Strength: +2 Strength points

Increase Reputation: +2 Reputation Points

Benefits Packages Edit

Noble of the RobeEdit

  • Instant messaging function
  • See currently online people in your town
  • Gain a title and a nobles only table in the tavern
  • Earn your town +2 Pounds per day
  • Study 2X faster than normal in university
  • Aviod in game advertisments

Noble of the SwordEdit

Requires Noble of the Robe to purchase
  • See currently online people in your entire county
  • Earn your town +1 pound per day more (+3 total)
  • Receive a horse, allowing you to travel farther per day
  • Receive a second vote in all elections

Stealth PackEdit

  • Avoid detection on the town's inhabitants list
  • Avoid being prosecuted by the town and county
    • Note: Just after reset and some activities, you will become visible for a short while.

Soldier PackEdit

  • While in an army, you will have an increased fight coefficient
  • If you die in combat, you will be out of action for only 15 days

Other Items Edit

Name Change: Have your name changed (at most, once per month). Your profile will display your former name for one month.

Hairdresser: Change your hairsyle (as often as you like).

Hands of Ramponneau: Allows you to play 200 hands of Ramponneau (Poker).

Hands of Tarentella: Allows you to play 10 games of Solitare.

Scrolling Message: Allows you to send a message to your entire county. The message will scroll on the top of the Town screen for one week.

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