—  Coventry resident  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
Full title Pr0pheT, Lord of Arrakis
Place of Residence (unknown), Coventry, Stafford
Affiliations Halls of Higher Learning, Guild of English Artisans
In-game name Pr0pheT
Account created November 2nd 1454
Forum name Pr0pheT

Pr0pheT is a resident of Coventry.


Pr0pheT is a tall guy, a little bit more than 6 feet tall. He has dark brown hair and a dense but well kept beard. He seems in his mid-40s, and he is still fit with a rather darker skin than most of England natives. He is always smiling and acts innocently but his dark brown eyes sometimes betray otherwise. He usually wears gloves and he packs his backpack, his bow (a finely built composite bow) and quiver, and his sword when traveling and when hunting.

"I came to England as one of the many ordinary fellows, seeming to have lost all but hope, finding solace in the work I was doing. My eyes were set on my dream... that one day I would challenge my fate and return home to protect my land from its oppressors.

Life was difficult at first but with the help and advice from friends I managed to get some land in Warwick. Lot's of hard work was put in the land to make it blossom. The fruits of my labor were small at first, nevertheless as sweet as they could be.

After a while the lowly bread gave its place to vegetables and meat and I started to work on plans on how to make the most use of my land and of my skills.

Nowadays I am practicing the art of carpentry in Coventry. New town, new friends. Once in a while I make some small trips to other towns to meet old friends, catch some gossip and do some trading.

My eyes however still wish for my motherland..."

In the year 1455 Pr0pheT decided to start visiting Stafford in order to attend classes in the University. He chose to strengthen his knowledge on warfare and put some theory behind his experiences. Tending to armies is a difficult task after all...

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