Renaissance Kingdoms

The Populareswere a major political party during the early history of the Kingdom of England. They were a political party which by its namesake was populist, but in the fashion of Julius Caesar's political party from Ancient Rome.

As a major political party they consisted of a large number of major politicians and soldiers. They rallied behind beliefs of nationalism and populism embodied in a Constitutional Monarchy which served the People, and was backed by shady and criminalistic organizations like the Wolves of Sherwood.



The Populares Party was founded in the early history of the Kingdom of England, during the reign of the first king who ruled in the model of an Absolute Monarchy; King LongJohnSilver. It was a political party which leaned against hardline royalist politics in favor of populist and sectionalist politics on a more local level. The Populares also functioned as the only major institution politically to cooperate with the Wolves of Sherwood, who were a shady criminal organization which acted as both an army and as bandits throughout England

The Populares grew to hold multiple offices, especially in the then-stronghold of the Wolves of Sherwood, being in Worcester County. As the Populares gained more power and substance politically, they solidified a following and some towns of majority throughout Worcester County, creating a political machine. 

The Populares eventually became one of the foremost political organizations to dominate early Kingdom of England administration.

Current Status[]

The Populares are no longer an active organization politically in the Kingdom of England. They faded off after the end of the government and reign of King LongJohnSilver. There are now multiple major political parties and tickets throughout the Kingdom of England, such as the National English Party, Neon Initiative Devon, No Political Agenda, and others just to name a few.

The Wolves of Sherwood do still exist however not as they originally functioned due to changes in leadership overtime, so it can be said perhaps some of the Populares legacy lies there. Otherwise, there is no doubt former members do still exist and reign politically throughout the Isles. Perhaps, the Populares are a sleeping giant, or perhaps, they are now just a piece of history.