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Place of Residence (unknown), Oxford, Wiltshire
In-game name Pippsqueak
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Pippsqueak is an Oxford resident, town mentor and owner and bartender at The Indecisive Witch.

Known as Pipps to friends (and anyone who can't be bothered typing much).

Pipps is Oxford's resident Witch.

As well as her full time jobs as Town Mentor and Oxford's PostMistress, Pipps can be found wandering in paddocks with her disappearing cows and getting rather drunk at The Indecisive Witch tavern. Though don't get her annoyed or you will find a bar stool being magically thrown at your head!

Pipps is often seen being followed by a multitude of kittens (one large white and black striped one) and by an adoring Aelf (ahem!). While very fond of travelling, Pipps will nearly always be found in The Indecisive Witch, ready to answer any questions or just to entertain!

RL Resident: UK Time zone: GMT/GMT+1 (BST)

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