Pelenor Edit

Pelenor Duncan
—  Whithorn Priest  —
Pelenor Duncan
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Voluntas Domini
Full title Bishop of Whithorn, Royal Heir of Scotland
Place of Residence Whithorn Church, Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations URAC, Scotland
In-game name Pelenor
Account created 24 August 2010
Forum name Pelenor

Pelenor is an inhabitant of Whithorn, where he has been living since January of the year 1465. Before that he lived in Wigtown, which he had called home since 1468.

Pelenor has been compelled by the workings of the Church since an early age, and was especially interested in their duties to help those in need. Throughout his life in Scotland, Pelenor has worked his way through the ranks of the URAC, and has been appointed to the position of Bishop Twice.

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