You can pick fruit in the orchard. When eaten, each fruit give one hunger point and one point of charisma.

There are 5 types of fruit in the Orchard. They have different 'quality'. Quality is the number of fruits you get when you pick them. A quality of 134% mean you get one fruit, the remaining 34% will be added to fruit you pick the next day.


Purple: 120-140%

Blue: 139-179%

Red: 144-204%

Green: 148-228%

Yellow: 150-250%

You can't just pick any fruit you like. Your stats and equipment tells which fruit is available for you.

Strength requirements:

Purple: 0-4

Blue: 5-9

Red: 10-14

Green: 15-19

Yellow: 20-24

Purple fruit can be picked without a ladder. With a small ladder you can pick red and blue fruit. You need a large ladder to pick green and yellow fruit.

Your intelligence determines how many tries you will have at finding a good spot.

0-2 IP = try 2 trees 3-5 IP = try 3 trees 6-8 IP = try 4 trees 9-11 IP = try 5 trees 12-14 = try 6 trees 15-18 = try 7 trees

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