[size=18]0. Boarding[/size]

[i]No image available yet[/i]

¤ You may chose to work for part of the day and still board a ship.

¤ Clicking board by either captain or passenger will immediately remove your access to the town, so be sure to have anything you needed with you before clicking board.

¤ Boarding will set your daily action to traveling.

¤ Always board as individuals.  Boarding in groups will prevent your ship from undocking until the next reset.


See disembarking below[/i]

[size=18]0.1 Life as a Passenger[/size]

You will find life as a simple passenger an easy and carefree one.  You will have access to the ship's onboard tavern as well as have the option to fish daily.

To fish, click Pilots Cabin Icon :arrow: Gone Fishing Tab


Gone Fishing Tab :arrow: agone Fishing Button


[size=18]1. It's Good to be the Cap - Pilots Cabin[/size]


You will have three tabs available to you:

A. Information 

B. Passenger List 

C. Helm 

[b]A. Information[/b]

i. States name and class of ship for public to view.

ii. Displays Captain's announcement, inputable from the [b]Helm[/b]  :arrow: [b]Ship Administration[/b].

[b]B. Passenger List[/b]


i. lists all passengers, crew and captain of the ship. 

ii. viewable by anyone on board.

iii. ability to kick passenger off ship if docked from this page.

[b]C. Helm[/b]

[b]What things mean[/b]:


[b][color=blue]How many minutes are left for each sea move.[/color][/b]

¤These timers count down starting at the beginning of each turn until reset.  There are ten sea turns each day.  Depending on your crew you will have 5 AP(action points) or moves, each day.

¤Each turn is roughly 2 hours long, with the first turns of each day being a bit longer(around 2.5 hours) than the later turns(2 hours).

[b][color=darkgreen]The wind direction you are sailing on.[/color][/b]

¤The main wind factor to think about when planning moves is the direction of the wind of the tile you are sitting on.  Sailing in the same direction as the wind gives you better chance of a successful move.

[color=darkblue][b]Wind speed[/b][/color]

¤Speed of the wind you are sailing on.  Better wind speed, better chances of a successful move.


¤Gives you your xy location on the map.  Good for organizing with other ships to meet up with each other.

[color=brown][b]Action Points[/b][/color]

¤Tells you how many moves you have left in the day. Reset at start of new day.

[color=teal][b]Life Points[/b][/color]

¤Tells you how much life is left in your vessel.



[b]Options from this page:

i. Undock (if in a port)[/b]

¤To undock, click Undock from the helm screen.

[b]ii. Hold Management[/b]


¤You can transfer goods from your person into the ships hold via your inventory panel.

¤ Tavern revenue is deposited into the ship's hold.

[i]Click the ship icon to transfer goods from your inventory to the ship's hold[/i].


[b]iii. Ship Administration[/b]


¤You can set your ticket price here.

¤You can set your information message here.

¤You can see what weight capacity is left on your ship.

¤You can set authorization limits for boarding here.

[b]iv. Naval Formation Management[/b]

¤No info

[b]v. Crew[/b]


¤To send a crew request go to CREW, click the check box beside the name of the passenger you desire to make crew member, then wait for the passenger to accept.  There is a 1 hour window in which to accept requests, so best to plan things before hand.

[i]If you are the passenger being sent a crew request, you will find your request in Pilots Cabin :arrow: Information[/i]


¤When you fill your crew you will wait until the next reset to recieve your additional AP(action points).

¤Barge, no crew 5 AP + bonus.

¤Barge, full crew 10 AP.

¤Crew members require no skills.

----> [i][b]Setting Captain[/b][/i]

----------> Captains are set from the crew list by the ship owner.  Setting the captain is an instant action.

¤If captain dies onboard captain position is granted to the first listed crew member(verification needed).

[b]vi. Communication with the port[/b]


¤Once you are sittingupon the town tile you will have the option to contact the port for docking. (not beside the town, but actually ontop of it.





¤When clicking to navigate onto the town you will see a screen like this showing all the other ships in the port.  You wiol have the option to attack docked ships from thisnscreen as well.

¤Once ontop of a town square you may contact the port :arrow: [b]Communication with the port[/b].

¤Best to contact the mayor or HM beforehand so as to make docking an easier experience.


¤Only if ontop of a town will you get anything in this screen. Otherwise the screen will always show blank.

[b]You will get two options[/b]:

Request to dock

Force Dock

¤ Selecting request to dock with send a request to the HM.


*You will know your request has been sent by your communications screen now looking like this.

*Once the HM accepts your request, your communications page will look like this:

[i]Will place a pic when i get one again[/i]

*Click [b]Dock Now[/b] to dock.

*Ability to disembark will follow sometime after

[size=18]2. Mess[/size]

[i]The Mess is the onboard tavern and works just like an ordinary tavern, but without the need to pay taxes.  You can still fill it with ale without the need to be docked and the captain stocks it directly from their inventory.

Select the Tavern Icon to transfer goods to your ship's mess[/i]


¤Tavern revenue is deposited into the ship's hold at reset.

[size=18]3. Winds[/size]


¤You are effected by many things.  The wind of the tile you are on, the direction you are going and the direction of the wind you are sailing into(only assuming), and the speed.of the wind.

¤Never sail into a direct wind.

¤Sailing odds are out of 100.  

¤Using a bonus gives you +50% odds to your move for that turn.

¤more to come

[size=18]5. Making Repairs[/size]

¤No info available yet.

[size=18]6. Disembarking[/size]


¤ When the ship is docked, there will be a change to your mainscreen and a gangplank will show with the butto.

¤Unlike boarding, which takes you out of your town immediately, disembarking takes until reset.  [b]Disembark[/b]

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