Nuada ‘Silver’ McClintock
—  Bristol Kingdom of England  —
Nuada ‘Silver’ McClintock
McClintock full coa.png
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde and Tada gan iarracht. (Beware of the anger of a patient man and nothing without effort)
Full title Lord Nuada ‘Silver’ McClintock
Place of Residence (unknown), Bristol, Devon
Affiliations none
In-game name nuada_mcclintock
Account created 20th January 2009
Forum name nuada_mcclintock

Nuada 'Silver' Airglatem joined on 20 Jan 2009 (1457 in RK time) he resides in Bristol, Devon , Kingdom of England,currently he is:

  • Level 2
  • Field:
  • Profession: Weaver
  • Current Titles:
  • Former Titles: Glasgow County Council (Mines Superintendent), Lanark Town Council (ex-Police Chief), RSA Band Leader (Lanark Lancers), Town Mentor, Lord of the Silver Chalice

Background Story[edit | edit source]

Born in County Ayr January 20, 1439, at a young age I was left on the doorstep of a church who then looked after me until they could find a family to take me in and raise me as their own, it was a couple of months before the Airglatem Family came to the church to seek out Father Reed about a child they had heard was in need of a family, they then took me back to their farm and raised me to the age of sixteen, it was then I was told that I wasn’t their blood son but they loved me as if I was their blood son, from that point on my life was troublesome constantly getting into fights, being arrested by the constabulary twice it went so far as to I almost being drafted into the army to try and calm myself down.

It was not long after being almost drafted I decided I wanted to try and find my real family, I traveled from Ayr to Largs through Muirkirk and down to Girvan to try and find my family, it was then I decided to speak with the priest who received me on that fateful night, when I reached the Padre Reed’s door and knocked he was surprised to see me and remarked on how I had grown, it was then I asked him who my real parents where and he said to come in and sit down and he would tell me, he then went on to say that my parents where on the run from someone and that they had left their children to the care of the church, I then asked whether or not I had any siblings. “ Aye lad I believe you have a brother waiting for you somewhere in the county, I’ll just check the records to see if I can find where he was put." He shuffled off to the records room to find where he had put the other boy, some time later he shuffled back and said “he was given to MacTavish family who have since passed on and their son went traveling I believe he is now living in Lanark, County Glasgow” with that news I jumped for joy, this was the news I had been waiting to hear, I bid the Padre farewell and was on my way for Lanark.

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