Crest of Her Magesty Nordicnorn

The Story of HRH Regent Nordicnorn

Nordicnorn started off in a noble family, but ran away over the death of her lover Robert Gernon DeMontFitche whom her family had forbid her to wed. Robert was a French noble who Nordic loved and with whom she had an affair. It is rumored a daughter named Miriam was born of this union, but that has never been verified. Nordic blamed her brother Lorudce for his death, a role Lorudce swore he had no part in. Regardless, Nordic left to seek out her own life as a commoner and hide from her birthright as a first a Wheat farmer, then a carpenter and lastly a pig farmer. It did not remain that way and she did not remain a commoner for long. Nordic was first elected a Mayor of Salisbury. The town was constantly besieged by French bandits and land grabbers. She and the citizens of the town fought off attack after attack, but she knew criminal forces could eventually overwhelm them no matter how brave the citizens. Seeing this was not a fight any of the towns could or should be fighting alone, Nordic rallied elected officials and working folks alike to start the Citizens Union of Sussex (CUS).

This young group's members were to become some of the most well known and powerful names in all England: DragonLord, Lorudce, Darmor, Mysticshopgirl, AntoCapone, Zymurge, TheLastDhali, bossmustang, fast arrow, camshick, Emmunah, zerostar, haraldjarl, UrShak, Riane, Lady Vanessa, Rhiannon, and many others. the first Council after the formation of CUS was 100% CUS members, allowing many previously unfinished business to become accomplished

First CUS Council

  1. Count(ess): Nordicnorn
  2. Trade Minister: Fast_arrow, Thelastdhali
  3. Judge: Darmor
  4. Prosecutor: Mike1981, Chamchickc
  5. Constable: BossMustang
  6. Sheriff: HaraldJarl
  7. Sergeant: Riane
  8. Captain: Zerostar
  9. Spokesman: Mysticshopgirl

Once formed, the CUS was able to defeat these lawless criminals and within weeks CUS became the ruling party. Over time and under the banner of CUS, Nordic was elected to several posts to include Sussex Countess, Judge and trade minister. Lucas-Miguel Avis, of the red rose alleges he was usurped by the Citizens Union of Sussex leader, Nordicnorn, but this is simply incorrect. Nordic never stole power, but rather left it to the citizens to democratically decide who should lead. These are the words of a embittered man who's military garrison was unable to deal with the criminal threat. As Judge she developed a reputation for incorruptible service when she had to prosecute the Trade minister DARMOR, who also happened to be a close friend of hers. She was tireless in her persecution of crimes of all kind in particular witchcraft. She and other members of CUS set down in proper form job descriptions, duties and responsibilities of all the counsel members for others to follow

Once she became a public figure Lorudce discovered her and as a Cardinal of the Church, he attempted to repair the brother sister bond with some success... at least they were talking.

It is interesting to note that years later, Emmunah, a founding member of CUS and once a trusted ally of HRH Nordic's, for reasons unclear, turned upon her and at various times attempted to tarnish her reputation. Even complaining to the King she had "misused" her position and entitlements for personal gain. This issue was one of great difficulty to Nordic and she was called before th King to answer charges. Fortunately for Nordicnorn, the evidence against her was determined to be insufficient and she was exonerated. It did however serve to create a lasting feud between her and Emmunah that continued forever. Emmunah was periodically known to persecute other members of CUS to include bringing Zymurge to trial for theft. Her growing fame also drew the attention of Dark Devil... a vile and power hungry criminal who had been tried in abstentia by Nordic for a multitude of crimes to include murder. He set his sights on possessing Nordic and through her controlling Sussex and all of England.

Nordic as Countess, traveled to France to establish Trade and judicial treaties on many occasions.

As countess she also helped establish "official language" laws, minimum wage laws, profiteering laws, and the first codified criminal code, and establishing a Court of Appeals with the assistance of HRH LJS. .

During the time Nordic was a Judge, she was wooed by a man named William Starks. Nordic was known to have a particular weakness for dashing and handsome French men and as he fell in love with Nordic, she was fell in love with him. He was a soldier of some renown, and after a whirlwind romance they became engaged on the eve of his return to France where he had been called back to the wars. the incident was described in the Sussex Harald:

William Starks was seen on one knee, professing his eternal love for Judge Nordic in the Sussex Tavern. Starks, a Loyal French Soldier and a member of CUE, stated publicly that he would stay here in England for the love of Nordic. Witnesses said that the relationship began during a long-time correspondence between them while William was away at war - fighting in France against the rebels. Rhiannon, a first hand witness to the event, called it "the most romantic thing she had ever seen." The public statement of love came after Starks overheard Brrexkl call him a coward for not staying in England for Nordic's love. Nordic accepted his promise and they were seen leaving the tavern after a long (and very public) kiss. There has been no announcement of a wedding-- simply a "promise". Sadly, it was not to be. William Starks was Killed in action leaving Nordic again to grieve the loss of a lover.

As Judge these records shows a bit of Nordic's legendary firebrand personality in this statement:

1 . In a landmark case in Which Sussex County prosecuted a criminal that fled here from Languedoc, France Judge Nordicnorn has found ROLGOBB Guilty He was sentenced to 500 pounds and a day in jail.

This is a case in which the accused was charged in his own Country and attempted to flee to England to avoid prosecution. It is not possible to have testimony here of individuals who are in France, so the prosecutor took depositions of the current mayor as proof. Screenshots of the Town forums were also in the evidence we considered. The case is this: The accused was mayor at the time that he sold many items to himself at the ridiculous price of 1 pound or less. He used his office to steal from his countrymen and then fled here to escape justice. The estimated amount of theft is 1000 pounds worth of items he took. He alleged that he sold these items to a "mystery Merchant". Even if this were true, it would certainly be criminal behavior. All in all, in keeping with the spirit of the juducial treaty as signed by both Languedoc and Sussex, I find you guilty in the eyes of the laws of your own country. I fine you half of what you took in value and one day in jail. You may appeal to the King from your jail cell if you wish - but DO NOT attempt to threaten or intimidate this court with cries of "I will tell the King!" If he finds you innocent of the charges - fine. He has many royal investigators that have ways of detecting the truth of what happened - BUT -- be careful what you ask for - he may be less forgiving than I if you lie about your innocence to him and he discovers you have treated your town's people badly. Court adjourned! 2. Early last week, judge Nordicnorn rendered her verdict in a trial. That would seem to be a fairly normal thing for the judge to do. She found that Dragothar was guilty of robbery, and sentenced him to "one day in jail and 3 days toiling in the county mines and 25 pounds. Further, the Accused must give one trust point to the Victim". '' The prosecutor, mayor Testu of Sevenoaks, has stated "I require a death sentence for this guy" in his Bill of indictment. This request was due to the fact that Dark_Devil, another robber, had also been found guilty of robbery days earlier. Both crimes happened near Sevenoaks, and Testu was the prosecutor in both cases. Dark_Devil's sentence was "I have chosen to let the defendant sit in jail for two days and think about the crime he has perpetrated on an innocent traveller in my County…If I see you in this court again, you will hung by the neck until dead…..I Further order you to toil in the county mines for 5 days after you are released form jail. I would like to see you in some way repay Pastix for his time by working in his fields if possible for a reduced rate". That all boils down to 2 days in prison, 5 days of working in the mines, and working for the victim at the minimum wage, plus a warning. Mayor Testu was not satified with these verdicts. To show his displeasure, he and other members of Sevenoaks protested in front of the Castle.

This is a legal and normal way to show displeasure. Howver, Mayor Testu took the unusual step of placing a bounty on the head of Dragothar. He told bounty hunters that " the city of Sevenoaks offers £500 to the bounty hunter which will bring Dargrothar's head to town hall.

The bounty hunter can keep all Dragrothar's goods and money in addition of the £500" Judge Nordicnorn, and many others, have told Testu that this bounty is illegal, and if paid out would expose him to legal action.

In response to Questions from the Herald, Testu said that


this action was more like 'bluff' i wanted to show to county that there's a problem on roads and that it has to protect us.

He added that "i do this cuz i think that it's my job and that people voted for me to have prosperity and safety"

Judge nordicnorn has so far not answered The Herald's questions about this issue. However, she did publically state that


I will not take a "defence of vigilate" justice in my courtroom. If you kill someone or pay for someone to be killed, you will be charged under the laws of this land for murder.

That brings a death sentance with it.

It was about this time two other groups formed to challenge CUS in their political majority. "The Imperial Senate" (IS/IA) and "The Organisation for the Prosperity of England" (OPE) : Only the Imperial Senate gathered enough power to challenge what CUS and Nordic had built, and they were eventually publicly disgraced when evidence of unethical attempts at infiltration of "undercover spies" and intercepting CUS private communications were discovered. HRH LJS became involved and court documents show only discussion of trials but no documents of such trials, if they occurred, survive. According to the Sussex Herald, Pathus resigned, but it does not mention the scandal.

Pathus resigns, Imperial Senate in Transition

Inexplicably, Emperor Pathus of the Imperial Senate has resigned from the Council. Mentioned by council members, he resigned before attending any council meetings, and has even fallen out of regular contact with The Imperial Senate. No public explanation was given, and his council seat has been given to the next Imperial Senate/Imperial Army candidate on the former roster - Thelastdhali.

In related news, the Imperial Senate has undergone major changes. In addition to Pathus' absence, former Senators Lokdar, Darmor and Lord Jones have all either disaffiliated with the Imperial Senate or have detached themselves completely from Sussex. Zymurge and Anto Capone are the only original Senators from the Imperial Senate still in existance.

Nordicnorn's name was becoming well known in France as well as England. It was not long before the HRH Long John Silver noticed her. Her linage to LJS was established and if that were not enough she was elected via popular vote as well as council confirmation (beating out Dugustus) as the first English Princess Regent bearing the title HRH Nordicnorn. She was crowned HRH Princess Regent in a magnificent coronation ceremony attended by all of the heads of state as well as Counts, nobles, merchants, and commoners.

It was Expected that Nordic would choose a consort, and many noble names were on the list. She was said to have been rather romantically and politically interested in Baiboe, but sadly, he declined to even consider the post of Prince consort. Something that hurt Nordicnorn deeply according to her journals found in her chambers many years later.

Dark Devil was more excited than even Nordic at the coronation.... now he vowed to control ALL of England by possessing her. He turned had to the dark arts to reach her. He attempted to seduce her, he tried to send spies against her and yet she had not succumbed. So it was at her coronation he saw his chance. As the guests and Heads of State presented themselves... he too sent an emissary named Giovanni Di Machevelli. He was presented as a Noble from outside England and Dark Devil hoped Di Machiavelli could seduce her and become her consort. He was so handsome, so charming, she had to notice. She was intriqued immediately and when he offered her an exquisite hand-blown glass and gold goblet she drank from it without hesitation. It was a poisoned cup... From the moment she drank form it, dark devil's thoughts were in her head. Cardinal Loudce tried to nuetralize the poison, but it was inevitable that for the good of the realm, Nordic would have to resign from her post as Princess. She sacrificed personal gain over the needs of the realm and shortly after her coronation, she left to travel the world, as a goodwill ambassador for England. Sadly, it was unknown what became of her, since she was never to be heard from again. It is likely Dark Devil tracked her and killed her, as some personal items were found in the forest, shredded and covered in blood. Lorudce refused to believe it as sometimes he thought he could hear her whispers in the court halls. He liked to believe she just retired to a quiet place with the memories of setting the example of future nobles to follow. She was however, legally declared dead so the realm could elect a new Regent.

After her departure/disappearance, there was some issue with a land grant to the Wos. Anto Capone and UrShak were members who faced a trial in this matter (why is unclear) but partial transcripts are as follows:

I ask the court who actually reduced the Cornish Domain? As has been brought to this Courts attention before, the land was GIVEN to the WoS by Her Majasty, The Royal Regent Nordicnorn, as is Her Royal Right as Regent. I know that after her alleged death, the next regent proclaimed the WoS to be traitors. However, he never gave back the lands of Barnshire to Cornwall. Infact, it was the orders of the Regent, and the council, to attack Barnshire that placed this county at greater peril. The CRG had fewer troops to defend the towns, and therefore put them at risk. I do not ask that anyone be tried for this, as it is the enevitable reaction, and no bad come of the increased peril.'Your Honour, I ask that you hold-up the will of the Late Royal Regent, Lady Nordicnorn, and dismiss the case. She put her seal to the papers that gave the lands to The WoS, and we should respect that, regardless as to our opinions of WOS. The matter of being a member of WoS is not for this court to deside, in this Court case. Dugustus succeed Nordicnorn as Regent.

Nordicnorn service record

Mayor of Salisbury

Countess of Sussex

Judge of Sussex

HRH Princess Regent of England.

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