Nook ConDoin
—  Penrith England  —
Nook ConDoin
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Student of the Church Way
Place of Residence 1 Tavern Alley, Penrith, Westmorland
Affiliations Winslow Family
In-game name Nook12
Account created 02 July 2016
Forum name Nook12

Nook ConDoin is the youngest brother of Faith and Emily ConDoin, and part of the Winslow Clan. It is believed that his unusual name was the result of his mother being given too much Milk of Poppy after his difficult birth. Nook generally does not talk about his past, claiming that he really doesn't care for people much. However, he is often willing to volunteer to help Penrith and Westmorland, and can frequently be found in Penrith's town tavern, The Blue Hat, where he becomes quite friendly after a few pints.

Positions Held

  • Penrith Town Marshal
  • Constable of Westmorland
  • Sergeant of Westmorland

First a blacksmith, Nook made sure that the Penrith forest had sharp axes at a discounted price. Later as a carpenter, Nook made sure there were buckets and other wood goods on the market. Nook also volunteered to be Penrith's first citizen confessor, after Lianise became Town Priest.

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