We the high authorities of Sussex
We the high authorities of Chester

In our willing to bring together our two peoples
Concerned about affixing in writing a reciprocal peaceful commitment between the peoples of Chester and the Country of Sussex so that this continues for the next generations.

We decided the following treaty:

The high authorities of Chester, and the high authorities of Sussex as well as the members of their respective councils pledge to not move troops into respective territories without express permission of the duly elected councils.


The two dukes/counts as well as their respective councils undertake to not create troubles or military action on the other signatory territory by any possible ways (looting, revolt).


This agreement doesn't create any mutual defense obligation.


This treaty could be cancelled by the new council after each election in a lapse of a fortnight since the day of the election of the Count. During this lapse of time this treaty will still be a law in the eyes of the citizens. Once this time is finished, if the new council have not decided to cancel the treaty, it will be considered as renewed. By a mutual agreement, the rewriting of the treaty in part or in full may be voted upon.
Any unilateral cancellation in a war situation will be assumed as an high treason act and could lead to full retaliation

This treaty takes effect from its signature to its cancellation by one or other part. Each Council will ensure that it is posted to where all citizens are aware of the friendship between these two lands.

Signed by Gillespie (on behalf of the Wayland, Count of Chester) Signed by Shawn Math (Count of Sussex)

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