Nivera was mayor of Winchester, England, 7 times and served on Wiltshire Council 3 times. Nivera was first Lieutenant of the Black Pig, one of the first ships built in England after sealanes reopened.

The Black Pig was sunk by Elfinoire, a Breton pirate, off the coast of Sussex. 

After her long recovery, both physical and emotional, Nivera left Wiltshire and Chinahero for the north.  They had grown apart and her heart had become cold.  She studied seafaring, maps and charts every waking moment before the trip, knowing her future lay on the waves.


Not long after she reached Egremont, the counties of England were restructured.  Wiltshire was no more, and her home of Winchester was abandoned.  She decided to make Egremont, and the new county of Westmorland, her new home.

FInishing her last few classes there, Nivera earned her full credentials.  While she truly loved to sail, her enjoyment was often thwarted by someone else's plans and fights. 

She met a man in Egremont named Mythrind del Mar Estrella.  After a few months, they were engaged and married.  Their beautiful children, Giselle and Antony, are her lights.  Their nanny, Mary, came to Nivera's service as a young lady in Winchester, and agreed to come north to help manage the house and children in times Nivera was at sea.  She is an indispensible part of the household, and has grown into an excellent horsewoman and governess.

The Del mar Estrella household was full of love and happiness, until the day Mythrind disappeared.  He was regularly gone, off on "jobs" which Niv prefered not to know the details of.  But this time he never returned.   After 6 months, she knew he would not return to her, and it broke her heart in a new, more painful way.

After a few months recovering herself, Nivera accepted a date with Rob Hanley.  In a few weeks, she decided to take a chance on him and love grew between them.  In March 1462 he asked her to marry him, and she accepted.  There was a war raging around them, but she had a pocket of happiness and joy to survive it.

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