The National English Party, or N.E.P., is a major political force in the Kingdom of England, having been founded by Chris braveheart (Chris Braveheart Stuart). It is a nationalist and centralist political party.

The party is currently based out of Devon County, with it's leader residing in Barnstaple. The party is going through a resurgence. Currently holds a minority of the Devon County Council.


The National English Party stands as the forefront of English nationalist politics, supporting the endevours of England throughout the Isles to secure a stable, functional, prosperous England with a strong and organized government which is centralized and efficient.

The platform approves of a nationalist government, with a free market economy which conducts itself for the better good, for a centralized royal authority in government, for the wellbeing of the English peoples, and for a powerful military which can promote English interests and protect English sovereignty, union, and stability.

Efficient and friendly governments in the National English Party fashion can be seen in thriving active towns like Barnstaple, which have organized forces like the Devon Guard and Devon Navy along with bustling markets. The party conducts itself from a ground-up perspective, promoting itself friendlily in the taverns and participating in county council elections.


The National English Party was founded by Chris braveheart, a longtime politician in English affairs who had held high offices such as Regent and Prince. The party was formed to promote a strong and centralized royal government, with a unity and integrity in it's affairs. This party was at the forefront of most it's existance, but after a short hibernation has recently returned in full swing. It has historically always been based out of Devon, in the town of Barnstaple.

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