The National English Army (the NEA) was formed in 1456 to improve English national and inter-county military coordination. It is currently commanded by Earl Marshall Correus.

The NEA is an effective reorganization and inreincarnation of what was once the Royal English Army, consisting of all the Ducal Armies under them. The NEA is organized at a national level under the King including the mobilizations of all the County guards, effectively being ducal armies.

The NEA is currently engaged with the NNGO, Fury, and Celtic Alliance forces after a clash between Devon Navy forces and the NNGO fleets in Ireland. The NEA has a powerful army at the Northern border, the Royal Knights Army or RKA, which is keeping the Scottish Civil War from spilling over as the Montemayors fight Celtic Alliance and Fury forces there, while the guards such as the Devon Guard in the south have mobilized as necessary due to their coastal proximity to Ireland.

It is likely reorganizing and reforming of the National English Army for modern needs may be imminent, however, at the moment the remobilizing forces under King Hezlog's order and Parliament's order are currently still considered under the umbrella which is the National English Army.

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